garrison/september 2011

Daniel & Tara Goleman with Rinpoche at Garrison, September 2011: the Golemans are close students of Rinpoche and have supported his work for years in many ways. They will host the 2012 Monthlong teachings to be held on Martha’s Vineyard next October/November.


Pundarika Pilgrimage 2011

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan October 8 – November 11, 2011 View the updated final itinerary and costs as of April 2011 Online registration is open.

Tiger's Nest

Monthlong 2010 Tributes

Following are contributions from retreatants at the 2010 Monthlong in Crestone, Colorado~a summary by Michelle Bernard, poems by Andrea Pucci and M.L. Mackie, and an allegory by Jim Drescher, with photos by Jim Gritz. 2010 Monthlong Retreat with Tsokyni Rinpoche “There will always be space for all of you in my mind.” Thus Rinpoche ended … READ MORE

Rinpoche's Tibetan tent on Yeshe Rangsal land, August 2008

Travelogue August-December 2009

Rinpoche continued his intensive travel and teaching schedule throughout the last six months of 2009. Here are some highlights: August 16 -22, Crestone, CO:  Empowerment–Transmission and Practice In an unprecedented teaching demonstration, Rinpoche gave three empowerments and practice instructions for  Green Tara, Vajrasattva and Guru Rinpoche during this week. Additionally, participants had an opportunity to … READ MORE


2010 News from Osel Ling Monastery

ANNOUNCING the inauguration of the new monastic college at Osel Ling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal! Tsoknyi Rinpoche and Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche recently announced that Mingyur Rinpoche will be taking responsibility for Osel Ling Monastery beginning in early 2010. Osel Ling was originally given to both brothers by their late father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche. In recent … READ MORE


Devotion Retreat~8/7-13/09 Crestone, CO

Tsoknyi Rinpoche held the first initial retreat considering the matter of devotion this summer in Crestone, Colorado. Krishna Das attended with musicians from his band–tabla player Arjuna and bass player Patrick Hammond–supplementing the retreat with juicy devotional kirtan (call and response) chants throughout the week.


New Shakyamuni Buddha for Crestone Shrine

In August 2009, just prior to the beginning of the Devotion Retreat, Crestone received an exquisite new Rupa for its retreat shrine. After installation, the new Rupa presided over the two Crestone retreats and Month-long. Here is Brady Hogan transporting the statue en route  to his new home.


May 15~21, 2009: Haifa, Israel

ADVANCED DZOGCHEN RETREAT (as reported by Ilya Natanzon) Shuny Hollander presents the mandala offering to Tsoknyi Rinpoche during the concluding ceremony, requesting the teacher to remain as the Vajra Body, Speech, and Mind. The Advanced Dzogchen Retreat took place in Kibbutz Kadarim, where Rinpoche taught two open retreats in previous years. Rinpoche does not teach … READ MORE


Argentina Retreats ~ 2009

Rinpoche began his South American teachings with a lovely, informal talk on Sunday, April 26th at a regular weekly evening meeting at Dongyuling Center in the Abboud home in Buenos Aires. Gerardo, Juani, and their daughter Sofia were generous hosts to Tsoknyi Rinpoche during his stay.


Mt. Madonna, California 4/18-24/09 Original Freedom

In a very spacious and lovely retreat center overlooking Monterey Bay near Watsonville, California, Rinpoche taught in part from a beautiful letter called A Letter in Praise of Emptiness, which his teacher Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche wrote to his mother on the nature of emptiness. Mt. Madonna Retreatants The profound Dzogchen teachings help us to directly … READ MORE